The consortium


Coordinator;  AIDO Technological Institute of Optics, Colour and Imaging (Spain)

AIDO is and R&D and Innovation centre which develops all its expertise through optical technologies applied to main productive processes of companies. After 24 years of experience in the development and implementation of R&D AIDO has become a strategic technological alliance for local, national and worldwide companies driving innovation through projects and training activities.

AIDO develops turnkey R&D solutions promoting partnership alliances as main business strategy focusing on the generation of knowledge and the development of added value technology and services:

1.-Own R&D projects, encouraging development of latest technologies by its participation in networks and work groups with the aim of transferring this knowledge to SME’s. 

2.- Cooperation projects, involving companies and entities both national and international.

3.- Turnkey projects, being able to customise a development to  each client’s needs turning up into the creation of a new company or of a new product running in the market.

The variety of applications of the technologies developed by AIDO provide technological solutions for the industrial sectors of Packaging, Graphic Arts and Media.

AIDO´s main objective is to promote the competitiveness among different industrial sectors through research and development projects and the introduction of best practices implementation in the field of environment and company organization.

As beneficiary of LIFE07 BATsGRAPH and LIFE09 SUSTAINGRAPH, AIDO has experience in carrying out demonstration projects in companies and improving their industrial processes. The knowledge obtained from the BATsGRAPH and SUSTAINGRAPH projects will serve to improve the technical and dissemination actions of the ECOFLEXOBAG.


Asociación de Investigación de Materiales Plásticos y Conexas, AIMPLAS (Spain)

AIMPLAS is a Technological Institute focused on the plastics sector. Formed by more than 100 highly skilled professionals with huge expertise in the compounding, processing (extrusion, injection moulding, RTM), recycling, product development and analysis of plastic materials for the construction, automotive, packaging and other traditional sectors.

AIMPLAS has a proven record of R&D successful cases in many EU projects, under different funded programmes, including 9 FP5 (1 as coordinator), 20 FP6 (5 as coordinator), 12 FP7 (8 as coordinator), 2 Life+ (1 as oordinator), 2 from Intelligent Energy Europe (1 already finished), 2 Leonardo and 3 from Eco-Innovation (as coordinator in all of them).

Furthermore, AIMPLAS has an Environmental and Recycling business work line whose R&D activities are in particular focused on the management of plastic waste in the development of new recycled materials and reducing environmental impact.

It is worth highlighting that AIMPLAS has over 10 years of experience in the field of research and development of biodegradable materials. In packaging sectors, AIMPLAS has conducted several studies aimed at finding environmentally friendly solutions.

Besides, AIMPLAS has experience in plastic recyclability and new applications for recycled materials and Ecodesign of plastic products and eco-label.

AIMPLAS is the authorized intermediary of DIN CERTCO ( with companies that apply to obtainthe compostability certificate and is in the process to become a Certified laboratory. AIMPLAS is member of DIN CERTCO Certification Committee.

Additionally, AIMPLAS is recognized since 2010 by Der Bleu Engel ( in order to verify products according to this eco-label.

In relation to ECOFLEXOBAG, AIMPLAS will provide its technical expertise during all the project, related to plastic, biodegradable, recycling, and process and environmental impact.


Dienstencentrum B.V. (The Netherlands)

KVGO Dienstencentrum – The Consultancy Centre of the Royal Dutch Printing Association.

The KVGO DC sets itself to support around 800 media enterprises per year (mainly SME’s) in their management of their business. In total this consultancy centre assists around 50% of the total amount of companies in the sector. Because we have to supply services on all parts of the graphic media industry we have a team of (senior) experts on all management areas.

The KVGO Dienstencentrum distinguishes the following areas of management:

• Technology and production. By this we mean all activities which directly have to do with a good progress of production. We advise on building matters, like new building, rebuilding and layout.

• Marketing. We do all kind of market research for individual companies and also support companies in setting up their marketing-plans. The “Grafisch Opdrachtgevers Onderzoek” is one of the fields of marketing concerning our branch. This is an econometric model with which we can translate macro-economical developments to the entire industry;

• Personnel. In addition to the individual support of companies on labour contracts, labour disputes and discharge, we also work on improving the knowledge of employees. We give company directed calculation and policy advice in an individual company;

• Finance. Advising individual companies on business administration, cost price and calculation.

• Strategy Management. Mostly our work on this subject is tailor made. A strategy plan or a business evaluation concerns a single company and it is practically impossible to derive general features from this.


Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT (Finland)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a government organisation established by law and operating underthe auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT operates under the public mandate established for it by The Technical Research Centre of Finland Act (144/72).

The President and CEO is a state civil servant. Other personnel of the Research Centre are on ordinary employment contract (2% budget rule for civil servants doesn't apply)

VTT’s mission is to produce research services that enhance the international competitiveness of companies, society and other customers at the most important stages of their innovation process, and thereby creates the prerequisites for growth, employment and well-being.

VTT is a multitechnological contract research organisation providing high-end technology solutions and innovation services. From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a wide range of world-class technologies and applied research services, thus improving its clients’ competitiveness and competence. Through its international scientific and technology networks, VTT can produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders.

VTT Group consists of VTT R&D, business solutions, strategic research, IP business and group services.
Additionally VTT manages 3 state owned companies: VTT Expert Services Ltd, VTT International Ltd and VTT Ventures Ltd. Together VTT.

VTT is serving the following customer sectors: Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries, Electronics, Energy, ICT, Process industry and environment, Pulp & paper, Machines and vehicles, Real estate and construction, Services and logistics.

VTT’s key technology fields include: Applied materials, Bio- and chemical processes, Energy, ICT Industrial systems, Microtechnologies and electronics, Services and Business and Innovation Research.


ENVIROS, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

ENVIROS is a leading consulting company providing assistance mainly in the field of energy, environmental and business consultancy in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Central and Eastern Europe, but also other parts of the world.

The majority stakeholder of ENVIROS, is the international Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) consulting group.

ENVIROS, currently employs 27 permanent qualified experts and more than 30 free lance experts of diversified experience and background. The company employs 10 energy auditors authorised by the Ministry of Industry &Trade.

The key activities of ENVIROS cover mainly the following areas:

• Energy and Environmental audits in industry, commerce, public and housing sector – Czech Republic and abroad;

• Energy Performance management, incl. verification and measurement of savings - mainly for industry and public sector buildings.

• Project development and evaluation - Energy Efficiency and renewable energy project development and evaluation, submission for financing (EU structural funds and national funds) – mostly industry and public buildings

• assistance in developing, submitting and monitoring of applications for EU subsidies;

• Technical-financial appraisal of energy and environmental projects (feasibility studies), technical and environmental due-diligence;

• Support for facility management, introduction of energy management systems into industry and large buildings.

• Promotional activities and training in EE and RES - projects development, energy management and its introduction.

• Waste management consultancy

• VOCs emission monitoring and reduction in companies

• Development of environmental strategies, policy, legislation, support programmes and action plans for international institutions, state, regional, local authorities;