The project


ECOFLEXOBAG is a European project, aimed to the development and demonstration of best practices to design and produce sustainable commercial bags which is funded by LIFE+2011 Programme.


The problem targeted at ECOFLEXOBAG is the environmental impact of commercial bags during its life cycle.

The main issues regarding the environmental impact of commercial bags are related to the use of nonrenewable materials, VOCs emissions during printing processes, low efficiency of the production processes and the use and waste management of bags.

There exist different alternatives which could be used by manufacturers in order to reduce the impact of their products through their life cycle, according to the legislative and market trends. However the implantation of these alternatives is low due mainly to a limitation on implantation factors that manufacturers must face


The ECOFLEXOBAG methodology is expected to produce a reduction of the environmental impact of the production and use of commercial bags on manufacturers which will implement this tool. The specific expected environmental achievements would be:


·  Replacement of non-biodegradable bags for single use to reusable and/or biodegradable bags

·   Reduction of VOCs emissions to legislative value emissions in the printing process

·   Improvement ≥ 10 % of a minimum of 5 critical Key performance indicators (KPIs)


·   Directive 2008/98/EC on waste

·    Directive Packaging and Packaging Waste 1994

·    Directive 1999/13/EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds